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I'm Derryn Schmidt.

I love taking photographs of people who love one another.

The magical thing about a photograph is that as the memory begins to fade, the photo remains. That is why I enjoy working with people who love one another.

It’s a gift we give to our future selves.

My aim as a photographer is to capture lasting images that bring back all the feelings from a time in your family’s life.  From your engagement pictures to the big wedding day and then on to maternity and family shoots; I’m with you to capture every stage of your family’s life.

The artist in me strives to create something unique and exciting every time I pick up my camera. The parent in me seeks to capture and document the most meaningful and fleeting moments that occur during everyday life. 

My style represents an attempt to balance these two aspects of photography.

Kind words

“Derryn does more than take photographs, she puts her heart and soul behind the lens. Her passion is outdone only by her eye for those fleeting moments that make every wedding unique. She’s also hands down one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet, which is why we felt so comfortable. 3 years later and we still consider her a friend.”

Bron & Brandon


Your photographs are my contribution to your happily ever after.

It’s in the quiet glance between lovers, a gentle hand squeeze, the delicate smile in their eyes. My aim as a wedding photographer is to capture lasting images that bring back the sounds of laughter, the smell of flowers and a sense of happiness from the day.


Capture this special time and have the memories to look back on.

When you take a photo of people who love one another, you’re taking that every day love and turning it into the kind of love your kids can hold onto. 

Let’s capture lasting images that bring back those special feelings and create a legacy for your family.


Stories from behind the lens.

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