The artist in me strives to create something unique and exciting every time I pick up my camera. The parent in me seeks to capture and document the most meaningful and fleeting moments that occur during everyday life.

My style represents this attempt to balance these two important aspects of photography.


Professional photographer
Passionate teacher

hello there

I graduated in 2007 with a NDIP in photography and have been shooting ever since.

I specialize in wedding and portrait photography, and I love to photograph my little world at home.

I am a passionate believer in personal development and will take any opportunity I can to learn something new. Teaching energises and excites me, so it comes naturally to me to teach others and encourage growth in those around me. 

My mission is to share my knowledge and passion for photography with you so that you can find the same joy and expression that I do in the art form.

Having been in this game for a while now (at the time of writing this, I’ve shot nearly 200 weddings) I understand the emotional weight that a couple carries when planning a wedding. It’s all fun and exciting, but it’s also so so MUCH. Without going into detail here and speaking about the difficult side of wedding planning…I get it guys, I get it!

My aim as a wedding photographer is to make the experience of having your photos taken enjoyable and stress free. I promise to offer you the best service that I can, and help you to have fun while we create images together at your wedding.

If you feel a connection with what I’ve said here, and with my work, please say hi. I would consider it a real privilege to witness this very important part of your story.


Sure, here’s a little look into my life…

I was raised in Durban South Africa with 4 siblings. We swam a lot, all of us. In fact, I did synchronized swimming and took it very seriously. I represented South Africa at the Commonwealth Games in 2006. It was great!

After school, I studied photography at The Durban University of Technology, while working as a synchro coach and doing the odd photography job. Once graduating, I experienced the need to explore the world and get to know myself better. I sent my CV out into the Universe and landed a job in Singapore at a local swimming club teaching synchronized swimming. 

I traveled to all kinds of places with my team – Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sydney, Indianapolis to name just a few. I spent 3 years in Singapore and really enjoyed my time there.

While in Singapore, I continued to take photos part-time and slowly improved my technique while developed my personal style. In 2012 I returned home and set up my business as a wedding photographer – and I’ve been here ever since. 

In 2014 I got married to Mark and in 2017 we had our precious little girl Ellie. 

The video below by Video is Yours is my greatest treasure. It was a gift for my husband for his birthday in 2020. After a very testing few months (Covid!), this video provided a positive narrative in our minds about how we are parenting and what we are doing with our lives. 

It made us realize that we actually have everything we have ever wanted – everything else is trivial. This video shows me the real beauty and privilege of being alive. 

I feel that photography holds the same power and it’s for that reason, I find it a privilege to do this work.


Phone: 082 563 2282
Ballito, KZN, South Africa
Feel free to contact me at any time. If I don't respond immediately, it is simply because I am either on a shoot or enjoying personal time. I will always respond as soon as I am able to.