hey there!

I'm Derryn Schmidt.

I’ve been professionally taking photos for 15 years.

I’ve been shooting weddings as a full-time job for the last 8 years.

The artist in me strives to create something unique and exciting every time I pick up my camera. The parent in me seeks to capture and document the most meaningful and fleeting moments that occur during everyday life.

My style represents this attempt to balance these two important aspects of photography.



let's create magic

Having been in this game for a while now (at the time of writing this, I’ve shot nearly 200 weddings) I understand the emotional weight that a couple carries when planning a wedding. It’s all fun and exciting, but it’s also so so MUCH. Without going into detail here and speaking about the difficult side of wedding planning…I get it guys, I get it!

My aim as a wedding photographer is to make the experience of having your photos taken enjoyable and stress free. I promise to offer you the best service that I can, and help you to have fun while we create images together at your wedding.

If you feel a connection with what I’ve said here, and with my work, please say hi. I would consider it a real privilege to witness this very important part of your story.


To capture memories.

The magical thing about a photograph is that as the memory begins to fade, the photograph remains. That’s why I love taking photographs of people who love one another.

It’s not for now, it’s for later.


Sure, here’s my life…

I was raised in Durban South Africa with 4 siblings. We swam a lot, all of us. In fact, I did synchronized swimming and took it very seriously. I represented South Africa at the Commonwealth Games in 2006. It was great! I still like water and enjoy spending time in it, but have no idea how to relax in a pool. If I’m swimming it’s because I’m hot, or because I’m exercising. Having a child encourages me though. It’s hard not to have fun when you have a toddler in your life, and she adores the water. She’s awesome!

After finishing school in 2004, I attended the Durban University of Technology to study photography. I didn’t enjoy it a whole lot. I found the whole process of developing film tedious. It was slow, the chemicals were stinky, I often got it wrong and ruined a whole roll of film. I hated that I was wasting time by having to do something again that I’d done perfectly well the first time. I wish that I’d slowed down more during these years and just allowed myseld to enjoy the process and not just the end result. I was (and probably still am) very goal driven.

In my third year I specialized in Digital Manipulation. Digital photography suited me WAY better, and I found that I was able to express myself more creatively through the use of the computer. I loved learning how to use Photoshop, and still find editing quite therapeutic.

Anyway, I finished at Tech and then went on to look for bigger things. I got a position in Singapore at a local swimming club teaching synchronized swimming. I travelled to all kinds of places with my team – Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sydney, Indianapolis to name just a few. I spent 3 years in Singapore and really enjoyed my time there. It was a huge learning experience. I became a real adult in Singapore.

During my hours off from coaching, I began photographing families. Towards the end, I was basically working two full time jobs. Which was awesome, because I was able to afford all the gear I needed to return and take on wedding photography.

The first 3 weddings I shot were for my sisters friends. They were scary. I remember the fear and all the questions. Just so much uncertainty. I arrived at each wedding with a knot in my stomach, but everyone was so nice and my sisters (I had one at each of those weddings) were very supportive and encouraging.

From there, I guess things just picked up. I used those photos to advertise my services, and slowly but surely gained more bookings, built my reputation and moved up in the wedding photography industry.

In 2017 I had my precious little girl Ellie Josephine. She is a real treasure in our lives and we love her beyond measure. We live in Ballito with our 2 dogs, who require constant exercise and affection (so tiring!!) but they’re forcing me to get out and exercise…something that I’ve been avoiding for a while.


To help small business owners.


let's create magic together