I understand that selecting a photographer can be a daunting task, and once you’ve connected with a photographer’s imagery, you’ll have questions and want professional answers without having to wait for an email response.  I hope that these FAQs help answer your questions, but if you have others please feel free to contact me.

Where are you based?2018-09-07T13:02:57+00:00

I’m based in Salt Rock, on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

Do you travel for weddings?2018-09-07T13:02:50+00:00

Yes, I do. I love travelling and enjoy new experiences. I have photographed across South Africa and often travel throughout KZN. There is no travel fee for wedding venues in Durban, but travel and accommodation will be quoted on venues that are further than 60km from Salt Rock. Internationally, I have travelled to Australia, Canada and Ireland.

Do we get digital files?2018-09-07T13:02:42+00:00

Yes. Each and every photo that you will receive has gone through an editing process and has been converted to a high resolution JPEG which you will receive, free of watermarks and ready to download and print.

Can we get the RAW files?2018-09-07T13:02:27+00:00

No. Every photo that you will receive will be in a finished state. The photos get imported into Lightroom where they are adjusted (exposure, contrast, cropping, tonal changes etc.) and then saved as a JPEG. I do not deliver unedited RAW files as these do not reflect my style and finished work.

Do you work with a second shooter?2018-09-07T13:02:19+00:00

Yes. I work with a number of different photographers depending on where the wedding is taking place. All the people I work with are skilled and talented in their own right. These photographers all come with their own set of gear as a back-up to my back-up.

What if you get sick?2018-05-04T08:53:18+00:00

I only work with second shooters whom I know and trust to cover for me should I be unable to shoot (am deathly ill or break a bone on the day). If something dreadful happens before the date of the wedding, I will hire a third photographer whose work is of the same standard as mine. (It’s never happened, and something would have to go terribly wrong for me to send a replacement photographer!)

Do you back up your photos?2018-05-04T08:54:22+00:00

My cameras have dual memory card slots so your photos are being backed up onto a second memory card. As soon as I get home from a wedding, the photos are downloaded onto two separate hard drives. Once edited, the photos are stored online as well. Should all your photos be lost (due to theft, fire or some other act out of my control), you will be refunded in full and I will offer you a free portrait session at the place of your wedding.

Your memories are priceless to me, and I do everything I possibly can to protect them.

What is the waiting time between my wedding and receiving my albums?2018-05-04T08:55:02+00:00

I aim to have your wedding photos edited and uploaded to your private gallery within 8-12 weeks of your wedding. After that, you will have the opportunity to view your photos and make your album selection before the designing process begins. Album design takes about a week. Once you have proofed your album, you will have to sit tight for 2 weeks while it gets printed. All in all, you are looking at roughly 12-16 weeks.

What is the best time of day for our portrait session?2018-09-07T13:02:09+00:00

The most beautiful and flattering light falls just before sunset. If you can time your portrait session to end when Google says the sun will set, and schedule the shoot to begin 1-1.5 hours before that time, we are bound to get some dreamy light.

How do we reserve you for our wedding?2018-09-07T13:01:40+00:00

Simply let me know which package you are interested in and I will send you an invoice and contract. Once I have proof of payment and your signed contract, I am all yours.

How do we contact you?2018-09-07T13:01:34+00:00

You can contact me via the contact page on my website, or send an email to hello@derrynschmidt.com.

What style of wedding photos will I receive and can I send a shot list?2018-09-07T13:01:22+00:00

Each and every wedding is unique and I try to capture the essence of the couple and draw inspiration from the location of their wedding. This means that my approach to editing may be slightly different from shoot to shoot. If you browse my wedding collections, you will get an overall idea of my style. As far as shot lists go – I encourage couples to set aside time in the day for formal family portraits and I work off a list for this part of the day to ensure that it goes smoothly. Apart from this, I’d prefer not to work off a shot list, but rather capture the moments and day as it unfolds realistically and naturally.

Are you available for every weekend of the year?2018-09-07T13:01:23+00:00

Photography is highly personal to me and I put all of my heart and my energy into a wedding day. Because I handle each and every aspect of your booking myself (from relationship building, to shooting, to editing, to album design) and I need to make sure that I am giving 100% at each wedding, I do not book every enquiry that I get or work every weekend.

Do we need to meet you before making a booking?2018-09-07T13:01:10+00:00

I believe that photographs are influenced by the relationship between the photographer and the couple. Great photos are a result of a great relationship. If you connect to my philosophy and believe that I’m the right person to tell your story, I would love to find out more about you.

It’s not 100% necessary for us to meet in person, but it is nice to connect before the wedding. If you are not based in Durban we could set up a skype call. I am a Mom, and so evenings with my daughter and husband are important to me. If you have a day job and can only meet in the evening, I ask that we meet in Ballito so that I can spend as little time away from them as possible.

Do you take time off?2018-09-06T18:12:23+00:00

Yes, Sundays are for me. In addition to my photography business, I co-own Hooray Weddings and Hooray Workshops, which means that I have very little time for myself and my family. While I am often still working and chatting to clients into the evenings I have to set aside dedicated time for my family and this falls on a Sunday.

Can I get a refund?2018-09-07T14:04:40+00:00

It would be really sad if you had to drop out, but I understand that life happens. So yes, you will receive a full refund if the cancellation is done within 7 days of your purchase. Thereafter a 50% cancellation fee will apply.

I have more questions!2018-09-07T14:04:50+00:00

No problem. Feel free to pop me an email and we can address all of your questions. hello@derrynschmidt.com

Will this course be available online?2018-09-07T14:10:17+00:00

At some point, yes. This course will be available to purchase online.

What if I am not in Durban?2018-09-07T14:09:42+00:00

If you are keen to travel to Durban for the workshop, I will gladly recommend suitable accommodation options for you. If that’s not an option, I would love it if you got in touch and we can arrange a skype call. A mentorship session is 1.5 hours and the cost is R2000.

Will The Purposeful Photographer work for me?2018-09-07T14:09:54+00:00

If you are serious about upping your game and becoming the best photographer you can be, then YES! If you are considering leaving your 9-5 and beginning a photography business, then YES! If you are tired of feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and stress and are looking for some tactics that will making this job more enjoyable for you, then YES!