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A heartfelt and useful workshop for photographers, by a photographer.



Date: Saturday 6 October 2018

Venue: The Plant Venue Co, Station Drive, Durban

This workshop consists of a series of conversations and exercises which will give you the tools to run a successful photography business.  And yes, it will show you how to use those tools too!

The Purposeful Photographer begins with knowing what you want from life, knowing what you want from your career and putting together a game plan that will help you achieve those goals.

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  • I have the gear, a website and an Instagram page but I have no bookings.

  • I have a day job and a portfolio. I’m now ready to quit my day job and take this on as a career.

  • After assisting other photographers, I finally have the confidence to go at it alone, but where do I begin?

  • I am getting a ton of bookings but I don’t connect with my clientele. I thought I would enjoy this more.

  • I am so over-worked. I am tired, I am behind on my editing, I don’t get any time to relax. I am over this!

Sound familiar? This workshop is for you!


The Will Nots

This workshop will not teach you how to use a camera.

If you are an amateur or novice, Google is your best friend! Hooray Workshops will host a workshop just for you next year. Sign up to the newsletter to receive updates.

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The Wills

This workshop will help you develop the entrepreneurial or business mindset you need to start or maintain a photography business.

This workshop will pique your creativity and passion – both are imperative for a killer business plan. Even if you feel like you suck at this type of thing and prefer to ‘just take the photos’ – this workshop will show you how your strengths (aka unique selling point) can inspire a brand that is well loved and well supported (CA-CHING)!


  • What does it mean to be a purposeful photographer
  • Creating a brand unique to you and offering a consistent brand message
  • Booking your ideal clients
  • My booking process and client relationships
  • Charging for your services
  • Money mindset
  • Sales, service and success
  • How to create a striking image
  • Editing and work flow
  • Tips, tricks and resources for productivity
  • Social media and how to make the most of the platforms you are using



  • 1 day physical workshop

Mentorship Package

  • Workshop + Mentorship Session

VIP Package

  • Workshop + Mentorship + Shoot


I spent a wedding day shooting with Derryn and was blown away by her willingness to share. I didn’t think I would learn as much as I did, having already shot a few weddings myself, but watching her work opened my eyes in many ways. The way she interacts with her clients makes them feel at ease, which is how she achieves those authentic moments in her photos.

Derryn has hugely assisted my productivity by pointing out errors that I was making and ways that I could be more consistent in my shooting and editing. Since my time with Derryn I have made changes to my pricing, branding and marketing and am already seeing the impact this has made.

I can’t thank you enough for the boost you have offered me Derryn!

Tammy McCarter, Little Things Pics

I can highly recommend Derryn’s mentorship program. Being part of the Facebook group alone has helped me so much. I have a better understanding on how to improve my business skills and feel more confident. I understand what clients are looking for in a photographer, what I can do to be more professional and what needs to be done to offer a better service to my clients.

I appreciate Derryn’s help so much. Her passion for helping people is obvious and I can genuinely tell that she wants me to succeed.

I accompanied Derryn on a wedding recently and was bowled over with how calm and real she was/is. It’s no surprise that the bride was joking that she was an extra bridesmaid. She seems to have that rare quality where you feel like you’ve been friends with her for years. I felt this way around her too.

Derryn has since made herself available to answer my many questions, deliver hard truths and talk me through things that I haven’t understood. This mentorship has honestly been a game changer. I often get emails on ‘how to’ from Derryn and it’s wonderful to feel as though I am growing, improving and heading towards my goals.


Will The Purposeful Photographer work for me? 2018-09-07T14:09:54+00:00

If you are serious about upping your game and becoming the best photographer you can be, then YES! If you are considering leaving your 9-5 and beginning a photography business, then YES! If you are tired of feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and stress and are looking for some tactics that will making this job more enjoyable for you, then YES!

What if I am not in Durban? 2018-09-07T14:09:42+00:00

If you are keen to travel to Durban for the workshop, I will gladly recommend suitable accommodation options for you. If that’s not an option, I would love it if you got in touch and we can arrange a skype call. A mentorship session is 1.5 hours and the cost is R2000.

Will this course be available online? 2018-09-07T14:10:17+00:00

At some point, yes. This course will be available to purchase online.

I have more questions! 2018-09-07T14:04:50+00:00

No problem. Feel free to pop me an email and we can address all of your questions. hello@derrynschmidt.com

Can I get a refund? 2018-09-07T14:04:40+00:00

It would be really sad if you had to drop out, but I understand that life happens. So yes, you will receive a full refund if the cancellation is done within 7 days of your purchase. Thereafter a 50% cancellation fee will apply.


Derryn has run her own successful photography business for seven years. Her professional and personal experiences inspired her to co-found the Hooray brand in 2014. She now owns and operates Hooray Workshops, formerly a division of Hooray Weddings. Having hosted over 8 successful workshops so far, Derryn knows a thing or two about what the creative business owner needs in order to grow.

Once upon a time Derryn’s path looked a little different.  She was enrolled to attend University with the intention of majoring in psychology. Having opted for a more creative line of work, she now combines her love of photography, her passion for helping people and her enjoyment of self-help books to form a community of strong-willed, strong-minded creative entrepreneurs who wish to grow from the inside-out, in every area of their lives and businesses! So she’s a little woo-woo, but her heart and head is in the right place. Her favourite authors include Malcolm Gladwell and Seth Goddin – basically anything like ‘The Secret’ – which will apparently get you the stank-eye at book club! (Go for the wine and read your book at home, lol.)

Derryn and her husband Mark have a beautiful daughter named Ellie and a dog named Luna. Mark’s brother Dave spends a lot of time at their house. Derryn (and the whole Schmidt family) help him with his business – Dave’s Shop. They live in Salt Rock, on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa and enjoy a fairly relaxed lifestyle.

But is it worth it?

(A note from Derryn)

Made it all the way here? That’s a big deal! Not only because I was hoping you would, but also because I know the emotions you must be experiencing if you’ve been prompted to keep scrolling. It gets better though, and if anything I’ve said resonates with you, I am dying to meet you!

If you secure at least one booking after this workshop, you will make up your workshop fees, and get the opportunity to test out the value of this workshop for yourself. Sure, I could wax lyrical about how these techniques are tried and tested, but I want you to experience the results for yourself, in your own career!

If you’re ready to work through your pain-points with someone who’s been right where you are, then let’s go! I’ll take those problem areas and trade you for legitimate, life-giving business practices that work!

Join me 🙂