They say that change is as good as a holiday, and a change for my brand has given me renewed energy and excitement for Derryn Schmidt Photography.

This time last year, I had a 5 month old baby. I had shot 7 weddings in 10 weeks, I was breastfeeding, Ellie was waking up around 8 times a night and then awake for the day at 4:30am. My day was full of challenges and I didn’t feel like I had control. When I face situations like this (and once I’m done crying about it) I write a list of all the things I need to do to regain control and then I DO IT!

One of the things bothering me was the state of my business. Slowly but surely, I implemented systems to help increase my productivity. I dropped a wad of cash for a workshop with my favorite photographer in an attempt to feel re-inspired, and I gave my brand a facelift. It all helped.

It took a whole year, but I feel like I am in control again, and I feel good. I feel different though. I’m the same Derryn, but I also changed a bit. My business is me and it’s therefore important that my brand and my online presence is a good representation of who I am. I didn’t feel that my brand identity of 2017 reflected that well.

So I decided that even though it had only been a year since I created a new logo and even though that logo felt right for a period, I had reached a new stage and was ready to create an entire brand identity for Derryn Schmidt Photography, one that could stick for the next 5 years (at least!)

I worked with the ladies at Brand Bird who guided me through different options, and managed my need for variety by delivering a brand pack with different icons in different colors, which can be interchanged as and when I feel the need. This means that even if I go through ‘a stage’ again where I feel the need for a reboot – I don’t have to start from scratch. I can simply switch colors.

So… why the wildflower sprig?

I wanted an icon that I could use to represent my brand without always shouting out my name. The little wildflower, I feel, represents my style of imagery. A wildflower captures the heart of my photography: subtle, strong, delicate, quiet and honest. I aim to capture the real beauty of your day and the intense love that you share in an honest and gentle way.

The change of my website has been a great process. I had not updated content in so long that I started to get a bit of a block against it and was waiting for something INCREDIBLE to come along as my first re-post. This was silly. I just needed to do it! After chatting to Amy from codepuffin, it was decided that simply updating my website wasn’t going to work, I needed something completely fresh to keep me motivated and get me re-inspired.

Derryn Schmidt Photography

Starting from scratch gave me the ability to select what work I put online carefully and intentionally. I’ve had great fun going through photos from the past 2 years. It allowed me the opportunity to reflect on the couples and families that I’ve worked with and I feel a great sense of pride for the images that I have created. If you click HERE you can see a blog post of images that offer a review of the past year and a bit.

Thank you Amy for putting up with my many many ideas, and late night whatsapps. You have been so patient with me and willing to try out any idea that I had (even though we ultimately ended up going with all your original ideas!)