David and Sia were engaged for precisely 88 minutes before being married.

How, you may ask?


He proposed to her, and then very quickly after she said yes, he added “well how about we get married now then?”  With that, she was swept away to a gazebo where a team of professionals were waiting to make her a bride.


David had invited all of their friends and family to attend their special engagement. The guests had NO idea there was going to be a wedding as well. Not even Sia’s Mom knew.

The guests arrived at Summerveld in Shongweni to the site of a stretch tent enveloped in a thick mist. They enjoyed some hot coffee and waited to hear the plan. David Yapp (DJ, friend to David and husband to the wedding co-ordinator) gathered everyone and delivered a briefing. When David arrived and got Sia onto the back of the vintage car, everyone was to line the road and throw rose petals as she approached. And then once she said the big YES, he said, we were going to enjoy a lazy lunch together. But after David popped the question, and then the second question, David announced “Alright folks, you heard right, let’s have a wedding!”

Wedding co-ordinator Alexis Yapp of Surreal Eventing, ushered Sia into a gazebo where Kendal quickly applied some make up and attended to Sia’s hair.

First though, Karen the dress designer, did a quick fitting of the dress that David had carefully selected. Karen sewed on a button and VOILA, Sia had a wedding dress.

88 minutes later, Sia walked down the aisle to her beloved David.

This was a challenge to photograph as I really had no idea how everything was going to pan out. It was not your average wedding day. What if she said no?!! I had to let go of everything that I thought a wedding day is, and just totally go with the flow. Although I have worked with David before (he is a wedding photographer himself) I had never met Sia and I no idea what their expectations of me were.

Alexis the co-ordinator had told me that no matter what David and Sia said, I MUST get a few portrait shots, even if I had to force them into it.

Once I managed to get them away from their friends and the hoards of children surrounding them, David said – “we really only need 1 or 2 good shots Derryn, ok?”

But once we got going, David’s photographer side came out and he started saying things like, “Ok, what about one more down there or one with my jacket off?”. Photographers!

This wedding was a step out of the comfort zone and a highlight of my 2015. Thank you for the opportunity Alexis.

Enjoy the photographs and be sure to check out their wedding video by the talented duo from The Shank Tank.