Common wedding questions answered

Let’s answer some common questions couples have when planning their weddings. During my time as a wedding photographer, I have noticed that there are a few questions that come up often for wedding couples. Here are just a few of those questions and my answers to those questions. I hope that it helps make the […]

5 ways to look your best in photos

Nervous about having your wedding photos taken? You’re not alone. I’d say that 90% of couples, at some time or other, will point out to me how awkward they are in front of the camera. I have the exact same response to all of them which is this… it’s MY job to make sure you […]

8 non-religious wedding readings

A point of conversation that comes up fairly often in my chats with wedding couples is about alternative options to bible readings. What do we use in the absence of bible verses and hymns? Surely someone should be able to express their complete devotion to another without mentioning God (if it’s their wish to do […]

Shooting the details

Whether or not to photograph the little details on the day is a tough choice faced by wedding photographers. I had an interesting conversation with a photographer friend recently (hey Joy!) who was shocked to hear that I don’t spend much time or place much importance on the details shots at a wedding. Bride details […]

Answering nature’s call

We’re going to have a little fun in today’s blog post. This is an article I originally wrote for Hooray Weddings – I hope that you enjoy it. Answering nature’s call in your wedding dress is probably not something that you have given much thought to. But it can be a dilemma – especially if […]

The Purposeful Photographer

In 2018 I hosted my first photography workshop for professional wedding photographers. Everyone who attended had a good sense of how to use their cameras, and most were already established in business. If they weren’t already shooting weddings, then they had assisted at a few. At the beginning, while establishing ourselves in the market, it’s […]