Answering nature’s call

We’re going to have a little fun in today’s blog post. This is an article I originally wrote for Hooray Weddings – I hope that you enjoy it.

Answering nature’s call in your wedding dress is probably not something that you have given much thought to. But it can be a dilemma – especially if your dress is tight or has many layers. So I’m going to share a few tips with you on how to “shake the dew off the lily” on your wedding day.

Looks like urine trouble

Even if the thought of relieving yourself in front of someone makes you cringe, you’ll need to grab a bridesmaid or two for help. Heck, it doesn’t have to be a bridesmaid, just grab someone at the moment you need to ‘go’. You’ll be glad you did. They’ll either need to assist with layers and layers of tulle, or if you’re stepping out of your dress to pee, they’ll need to help you with the buttons or zips. By the time the drinks are flowing this will probably be quite a bonding moment between you and your girlies and I’m sure you’ll be giggling about it for days afterwards.

From the window to the wall

It goes against everything you have ever known, but sit backwards facing the tank. That way instead of the train being scrunched up between you and the cistern, it’ll fall on the floor. This works even better when you are in the handicapped toilet – there will be more space and you can make use of the bars to help you get up and down.

Make your bladder gladder

Before you step into your dress, whether you need it or not, excuse yourself for a toilet break. Before you head into the reception, ask your MC to give you 15 minutes after your return from photographs to ‘touch up your makeup’.

Wearing spanks can complicate things too. Maybe cut a little hole in them? Don’t make me elaborate.


Now if you really, really, really cannot go to the ladies in the company of others, there is another solution. It’s so ridiculously clever and hysterically silly at the same time, I dare you to do it without laughing.

I found this bathroom solution on Offbeat Bride, and in a nut shell:

  1. Cut a hole in a black rubbish bag
  2. Step into the bag
  3. As you pull the bag up your legs, start stuffing your dress into it
  4. Once its up above your you-know-what and the fabric stands no chance of falling into the toilet filth you can…
  5. Do your business

AND, whats more, you can do all of this with one hand. Who runs the world? GIRLS!

What you should NOT do is hold it in or refuse to drink all day in an attempt to avoid bathroom breaks. No one wants a fainting bride.

Have you had any bathroom disasters, or major successes at your wedding? PLEASE share your stories with me. I love a little DM on Facebook or Instagram. Most of the day I am working alone on my computer so a little laugh will offer a wonderful break.


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