Sage’s birth Story


I’m often asked which has been my favorite wedding to shoot, and I don’t have a good answer. If you ask me now which has been the most enriching experience of my photography career – I can tell you that this was it.

CC is a very very dear friend of mine. We are both wedding photographers, live on the North Coast of KZN and have enjoyed sharing our pregnancy journey together.  We made a casual agreement one day to photograph each other’s birth stories – and then suddenly October was here and I was waiting outside the labor ward.

There was no way I could concentrate at home so I packed up my computer and sat at the hospital, waiting for updates. I popped in to drop off a coffee for Luke at around 2:30pm. I knew they would be reaching exhaustion as they had been at the hospital since 6am and contractions had started the previous day. CC was feeling well enough for company so called me in to chat. I stayed for about an hour trying to lighten the mood, and keep her mind off the fact that her epidural was wearing off. About an hour later she was showing signs of serious discomfort so I decided to give her some privacy and wait to be called back in. Literally 10 minutes later I got a whatsapp from Luke saying ‘COME!’ Sage had been delivered and was just being handed to CC when I walked in the room. I immediately went into work mode and started clicking away. It was amazing! CC just kept repeating “Oh my word, that was hectic!” and her gynae kept saying “Well done CC, that wasn’t easy – you were amazing!” and Luke was just kissing CC and kissing Sage and wiping away his tears. All the while, older siblings Kira and Caleb were bouncing outside the door with Granny DESPERATE to come in and meet their new sibling. I managed to keep my composure right up until CC turned to me and said “It’s a girl!’ and then I was DONE!!! How I focused the camera from then on I don’t know. While she knew it was in God’s hands, CC desperately wanted two things – another girl, and to have her arrive on the 10/10/2016. You’re not going to believe this but the other children are born on the 12th December and the 4th April. The 10th wasn’t even her due date!

The nurse quickly tidied up, covered CC with a blanket and then opened the doors for Kira and Caleb. Seeing their little faces was absolutely priceless.

This is a day that I will never ever forget, and being able to put my photography skills to use in this way was truly rewarding. CC and Luke, thank you again for inviting me to share such a special moment with you and your family. You have no idea how blessed I feel.







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