Liezle&Lee Elope


While planning for your wedding, the idea of eloping might have crossed your mind.

Liezle and Lee are from Cape Town, but got married in sleepy Durban at the Zimbali Coastal Resort with only immediate family present.

I met Liezle just a minute before the ceremony. She walked to the laptop, selected a song, and led by her children walked towards her fiancé. And they got married. Just like that! it was casual and joyful and just plain lovely. After 2 hours of photographs, they waved me good bye and got on with a lazy lunch time celebration.

From a photographers perspective, it was wonderful to see a couple that had managed to pull off a beautiful celebration by ditching the details.

Liezle has this to say…

“Lee and I have both been married before, and have had the big traditional weddings. We have been together for 8 years now and decided long ago that when the time comes we just want something small and intimate. In January we decided that we would plan something for over the Easter holidays when we have all the kids together. We looked at a few venues and fell in love with Zimbali. And they were able to cater for such a small family affair. We really just wanted to share a special day with close family, drink some wine, eat some food and say ‘I do’. Really keep it simple.”

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Bride’s Dress: YDE

Bridesmaid’s (Daughter’s) dress: YDE

Co-ordinator: At the last minute, I contacted a lady from Sweet P who does decor and flowers. I only gave her a couple days notice and she managed to make the empty space so warm and gorgeous.

Food: The food was done by Zimbali. Everyone – from the kids to the parents – raved about it.


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  1. Micaela wrote:

    Such a lovely sunny wedding! Elopements look like such fun!

  2. Kerry Glaser wrote:

    Absolutely gorgeous wedding pics my friends. Congratulations. Liez you looked breathtaking. Lee u clean up well. Love u guys x love the Glasers

  3. Chélene Salzwedel wrote:

    Hi Liez, what incredible photos! Such a perfect venue but the family made the shots. You both look captivating! Well done!!

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