Cath&Roche Engaged

“I know not all that may be coning, but be it what it will, I’ll go to it laughing.” – Moby Dick

I don’t normally shoot on a Sunday (it’s the only time that I can see my family) but when Roche phoned to tell me that there were major winds expected on Monday, we brought the shoot forward a day. Which was just as well because I am sitting in my office looking out of the window now and the trees are just about 90 degrees.

I wasn’t sure whether the giggling of these two was nervous laughter or if they are just really good at making each other laugh – but they were happy. And having far more fun than I think they anticipated.

So looking forward to shooting their wedding in June.

Cath&Roche-2 Cath&Roche-5 Cath&Roche-9 Cath&Roche-15 Cath&Roche-17 Cath&Roche-22 Cath&Roche-26 Cath&Roche-28 Cath&Roche-31 Cath&Roche-38 Cath&Roche-40Cath&Roche-46 Cath&Roche-49 Cath&Roche-55 Cath&Roche-58 Cath&Roche-61 Cath&Roche-64 Cath&Roche-65 Cath&Roche-70 Cath&Roche-74 Cath&Roche-87 Cath&Roche-92 Cath&Roche-96 Cath&Roche-99 Cath&Roche-107 Cath&Roche-116 Cath&Roche-125 Cath&Roche-133 Cath&Roche-136

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